10 in Round Underground Box

Round Underground Access Box With Cover, Composite Material, Medium Duty Rated Round Pull Box, 10 Inch Top, 14″ bottom, 10″ Deep, 

Lid available of Molded in Marked or no marked, Black, Includes: Hex Bolts

Ideal for fiber installations in areas that exist extreme climates, and wall mounted fiber or aerial fiber are keen to have environmental damages.  Available use in occasionally-vehicular traffic situations such as installation in concrete or asphalt, and lawns, empty lands.

Product Description

Features & Benefits

Technical Specifications

Fiberknct ANSI/SCTE 77 certified enclosure boxes feature a high quality and lightweight fiberglass construction in a multitude of sizes and depths allowing customization for any application. 

Fiberknct offers four distinct sizes of underground enclosures. All four are built with the same attention to quality and performance that you know and expect from Fiberknct. 


  • Hex head security bolts
  • All boxes incorporate a unique side panel design to reduce damage from collision


  • High strength rigid construction ensures long-term reliability in the harshest environments
  • Lighter and easier to handle than concrete, crack free, which increases the overall safety factor
Inner Dimensions Load Class Connectivities

Top 10″

Bottom 14″

Depth 10″

Allows ocassionally traffic Single FTTh install, Electrical Wiring, Lawn Irrigation System



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