6″ Fiber Underground Pull Box

Round Underground pull Box With Cover, HDPE, Pedestrian Load, 6 Inch Top, 7.87″ Inside bottom, 9.25″ Deep, Lid available Molded in Marked or no marked, Black, Includes: Hex Bolts. Ideal for fiber installations in areas that exist extreme climates, and wall-mounted fiber or aerial fiber are keen to have environmental damage.  Available use in occasionally-vehicular traffic situations such as installation in concrete or asphalt, and lawns, empty lands.




Designed for light-duty deployments (parkway/greenbelt applications), the boxes meet specific fiber, coax, and copper needs of the broadband, telecommunications & utilities industries. They can be deployed at grade in areas of pedestrian traffic. Molded with highーdensity polyethylene (HDPE) which could provides years of maintenance-free service and superior shelter for buried network components.

Structurally rugged, durable, lightweight, easy to install, and resistant to chemicals and water
• Stainless steel bolts
• Skid resistant covers improve safety
• Reserved duct entry provided
• Tapered sides offer maximum usable interior space, and allow both rectangular and round enclosures to be nested for compact shipping and storage
• Deep well bottom edges ensure long-term stability in below-grade placements
GLB Series is designed to meet light duty, pedestrian-only (greenbelt) applications, including:
• Fiber optic and copper slack cable coiling and storage
• Access to sealed cases (splice cases, repeaters, load coils, etc.)
• Meter boxes
• Irrigation system and other waterway control valves
• Traffic signal controls
• Ground rods

Inner Dimensions Load Class Connectivities

Top 6″

Bottom 7.87″

Depth 9.25″

Non Trafficable, pedestrian only Single FTTh install, Electrical Wiring, Lawn Irrigation System



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