30x48x36 Fiber Optic Vault

Fiber vaults can be used for backbone cable access or equipment storage when easy access is needed for underground services offered over optical fiber. Fiber vault 30-in-48-in-36-in is an underground telecom vault that meets and exceeds TIER22 standards for strength, and reliability. Capable of 96F~1152F Connectivity

A fiber optic vault essentially serves as a distribution point for incoming /outgoing fiber cable and fiber distribution enclosures in FTTX expanding and connecting. To broadband users, a utility network constructions, a central office, and a data center.




30″x48″x36″ Fiber Optic Vault, handhole, fiberglass reinforced composite, 26″ depth, the fiberglass handhole is designed for fiber optic deployment, Telecommunication network expansion, broadband and CATV projects, and utility enclosure needs. custom optic hand hole for your telecom infrastructure project. 

An upgradable, re-enterable Fiber Optic vault system series, fiberknct redefines the cable management of Fiber Optic / Telecommunication · Broadband. A fiber containment vault essentially serves as a distribution point for incoming /outgoing fiber cable and fiber distribute enclosures in FTTX expanding and connectings. To broadband users, utility network constructions, a central office, data center,  fiber containment vault with a folding design that reduces shipping cost, storage space footprint and increases your deploy effeciency. 


  • Compliant with ANSI/SCTE 77 Tier 22 
  • Optional Stainless steel hardware
  • Corrosion Resistant 


  • Hex head security bolts
  • All boxes incorporate a unique side panel design to reduce damage from collision 


  • Traffic Rated Composite Covers 
  • Mounting bolts and templates are available for HDPE split lids for cabinet mounting
  • Custom split lids with cutouts.


  • High strength rigid construction ensures long-term reliability in the harshest environments
  • Lighter and easier to handle than concrete, crack free, which increases the overall safety factor
Inner Dimensions Load Class Connectivities
20″x48″x36″ Tier 22 Recommended for a combination of up to any 4 of GC 24F, 48F closures, 144F closures or 288F Closures



Fiber Pedestals


Fiber Optic Cabinet


Underground Box


Fiber Optic Closures