Telecom 15″-21″-34 in Fiber Pedestal

Telecom Pedestal Fiberknct 15″x21″x34″ inner size pedestal with expanded-capacity direct buried base, hold large fiber splice enclosure, capable of pairing most bulkhead count structures, fiber drop pallet, and fiber cable standard.

Fiberknct distribution pedestals house and provide protection to distribution equipment in telephone and communication industries. These pedestals are used for splicing, terminating and distributing fiber optic. They are corrosion-resistant and require very little maintenance.




Our fiber pedestal is a termination point for feeder cables to connect with drop cables in FTTH communication network systems. Our fiber pedestals are designed to provide users maximum flexibility in splicing technologies. Our fiber pedestals feature a HDPE construction and steel frame that offers superior outdoor protection

  • Designed specifically for housing passive equipment, these special pedestals feature direct-bury bases with a high rib design that do not require stakes for installation. The direct-bury pedestal bases result in a more uniform and secure installation and are less likely to lean or tilt.
  • An optional stake mounting provision is available for joint trench or other special applications.
  • A special self-locating cover security feature ensures that the pedestals lock properly without requiring special alignment.
  • Customization: Nameplates, Metal Brackets, Colors, and Dimensions are available for tailored designs via a special order. FiberKnct is your Supply Chain Partner.
Part NumberGP1521
Dimensions (over all)25x18x50"
Inner Footprint15”X21”
Cover Height(Dome)35"
Base Height18"
ApplicationHybrid Fiber Coax (HFC)



Fiber Handholes


Fiber Optic Cabinet


Underground Box


Fiber Optic Closures